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Best Of GamerBytes: Ex En, Aye?

Every week, Gamasutra sister console digital download site <a href="http://www.gamerbytes.com">GamerBytes</a> passes along the top XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare news of the week -- this time covering the Community Games channel's upcoming launch, three PSN title

Ryan Langley, Blogger

November 6, 2008

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[Every week, Gamasutra sister console digital download site GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley will be summing up the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.] Though there was some notable news last week for the WiiWare and PlayStation Network services, it was more about XNA Community Games from a breaking news perspective. With the announcement of the Dream-Build-Play winners coupled with several game announcements, it's been a busy time for the upcoming service, which will debut on November 19th alongside the Xbox 360 Dashboard Update. Have a look at the winners of the XNA competition, check out other games to look forward to, and read out interview with a Thai developer looking to make their way through the XNA Community Games marketplace. Xbox Live Arcade Vigilante 8 Arcade Is Your XBLA Game This Week The classic car combat game Vigilante 8 has made its return onto Xbox Live Arcade. Interview: Novaleaf's Swearingen Talks Injecting Biology Battle Onto XNA Community Games We chat with XNA developer Novaleaf about XNA development, creating games in Thailand, and their inspirations for their new Biology Battle title. Games To Look Forward To On XNA Community Three titles that we should all look forward to from XNA Community games. XNA Dream-Build-Play Winners Announced CarneyVale, Battle Tennis, Weapon of Choice and HurricaneX have all won a piece of the Dream-Build-Play pie. Check out some videos of these fascinating titles. Avatars Making Their Way Into Bomberman, Uno, Keflings, And More With the New Xbox Experience making its way to our Xbox 360s on November 19th, several Xbox Live Arcade titles will get patched with the inclusion of Avatars in them, including some fairly old titles. PlayStation Network NA PSN Store Update: PixelJunk Monsters Update, Siren: Blood Curse Price drop Not a huge update this week, but for those who want to go back and play some PixelJunk Monsters, the Trophies patch is now up. Creat Studios To Bring Three Titles To PSN A search of game rating websites discovers a set of new PlayStation Network titles. WiiWare NA WiiWare Update: Home Sweet Home, Alien Crush Returns Classic pinball title Alien Crush has made its glorious return with this new sequel from Hudson Entertainment. Tiki Towers - Mysterious RealNetworks WiiWare title RealNetworks announced Boingz a month or so ago. Now a new WiiWare title from them has popped up on the Australian game rating website. Next Level Games Bringing Jungle Speed To WiiWare Yet another game pops up on the Australian classification website -- Jungle Speed, a re-envisioning of the classic Snap! card game, but with a twist.

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