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Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent portable game platforms -- this time covering BulleTrain, Gunstar Heroes, and the awaited iO

Danny Cowan, Blogger

November 29, 2010

2 Min Read

[Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent portable game platforms, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Tucker Dean, Jason Johnson, and Ryan Hibbeler.] This week, FingerGaming covers BulleTrain, Gunstar Heroes, and the awaited iOS 4.2 firmware update. Also within are the lists for top-grossing, most-downloaded free and paid Apps from Apple's store, as well as a review for Halfbrick Studios' Age of Zombies. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Top-Grossing Game Apps: Lego Harry Potter Sees Big First-Week Sales "Rovio's Angry Birds reclaims the top spot in today's chart, while Lego Harry Potter finishes its debut week ahead of RAGE HD at third place." - iOS 4.2 Software Update Out Now; Adds Multitasking, Game Center for iPad "Apple has released an update to its iOS firmware, bringing a number of new features to iPhone and iPod Touch devices and adding multitasking and Game Center support for the iPad." - Sega Releases Gunstar Heroes, Adds Multiplayer to Sonic 2, Streets of Rage "After recently adding another title to its App Store catalog of emulated 16-bit Genesis games, Sega announced that two of its most popular retro releases to date have received new multiplayer modes." - Top iPad Game Apps: Scrabble Heads Charts After Price Drop "EA's Scrabble for iPad moves up to the top of today's iPad games sales chart, as Gameloft earns three chart spots with recent price drops for Let's Golf! 2 HD, The Settlers HD, and Splinter Cell Conviction HD." - Review: Age of Zombies "An excellent game often defies expectations. Brilliant writing is the last thing you'd expect to find in a dual-stick zombie game, yet for some reason the writing in Age of Zombies is superb." - Downsized Games Launches EA-Skewering BulleTrain for iPhone and iPad "A group of displaced veterans from Full Spectrum Warrior developer Pandemic Studios has released BulleTrain, an on-rails shooter inspired by the company's soured experience with Electronic Arts." - Top iPhone Game Apps: RAGE HD Maintains Impressive Sales "Id Software's iPhone 4-compatible RAGE HD takes third place in the iPhone game charts in its premiere week, trailing reigning sales leaders Angry Birds and Cut the Rope." - Appy Takes on Angry Birds With Trucks and Skulls for iPhone and iPad "FaceFighter and Zombie Pizza creator Appy Entertainment has launched its latest iOS title, Trucks and Skulls, a game in which players 'smash NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS!'"

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Danny Cowan


Danny Cowan is a freelance writer, editor, and columnist for Gamasutra and its subsites. Previously, he has written reviews and feature articles for gaming publications including 1UP.com, GamePro, and Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

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