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Best of FingerGaming: From LandFormer to Pro Evolution Soccer

Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent portable games platform -- this time covering LandFormer, Capcom's 1942: First Strike

Danny Cowan

July 7, 2010

3 Min Read

[Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent -- and increasingly exciting -- portable games platform, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Jason Johnson and Mike Rose.] This week, FingerGaming covers LandFormer, Capcom's 1942: First Strike, and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. Also within are the lists for top-grossing, most-downloaded free and paid Apps from Apple's store, as well as reviews for Geometry Wars: Touch and Black Tie Adventure. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Top-Grossing Game Apps: Oregon Trail, Street Fighter IV Return to Charts "Gameloft's adaptation of The Oregon Trail finishes as today's second highest-grossing iPhone game app, as Capcom's Street Fighter IV returns to the charts following a recent update adding Cammy and Zangief as playable characters." - Review: Geometry Wars: Touch "Nine out of ten times, you'll die because your ship didn't move in the direction you wanted it to. The other time, you'll crash head-on into a group of enemy hexagons hiding under your thumb." - Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer Franchise Makes App Store Debut "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 includes many elements featured in the recently released console editions of the game, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League modes, along with a unique 'true flow' accelerometer-based control scheme." - Doodle Jump Sells Five Million Units "Speaking to The New York Times, Lima Sky founders Igor and Marko Pusenjak reveal that they both quit their jobs to focus on creating new content for Doodle Jump. The developers also detail an upcoming iPad version, which will be more than a simple port." - New on iPad: Crystal Defenders, Samurai: Way of the Warrior "Owners of Apple's tablet device may now enjoy native versions of Square Enix's Final Fantasy-themed tower defense game Crystal Defenders and Madfinger's stylish action title Samurai: Way of the Warrior." - Streaming Colour Launches Terrain-Shifting Puzzler LandFormer "In LandFormer, players must raise and lower terrain to create a level plot of land. Pieces of terrain can only be shifted in complex patterns, however, adding an element of challenge to the proceedings." - Top iPhone Game Apps: Rollercoaster Extreme, FarmVille Lead Free Charts "MTV's recent hit Potty Racers moves up to third after debuting at fifth last week, as a price-dropped SimCity returns to the charts at fourth place." - Capcom's 1942: First Strike Now Available in App Store "Following up on Capcom's classic arcade 1942 series (and largely based on the recent Xbox Live Arcade remake 1942: Joint Strike), 1942: First Strike offers up eight levels and three selectable ships." - Top iPad Game Apps: MultiPong Takes on Reigning Angry Birds HD "Clickgamer's Angry Birds HD leads iPad game sales following a recent content-expanding update. Febo Studio's MultiPong for iPad enters the chart this week at second place, as Scrabble for iPad finishes third." - Review: Black Tie Adventure "If you can cope with the irritating stop-and-start nature of it all, there's plenty on offer here. Anyone looking for a quality platforming experience, however, should probably venture elsewhere."

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Danny Cowan


Danny Cowan is a freelance writer, editor, and columnist for Gamasutra and its subsites. Previously, he has written reviews and feature articles for gaming publications including 1UP.com, GamePro, and Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

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