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Best of FingerGaming: From Helsing's Fire to rRootage Online

Gamasutra rounds up the week's top news and reviews from sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming, this time covering Ratloop's puzzler Helsing's Fire and an upgraded port of Kenta Cho's shooter _rRootage

Danny Cowan

July 20, 2010

3 Min Read

[Gamasutra rounds up the week's top news and reviews from sister iPhone and iPad site FingerGaming, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Tucker Dean, Jason Johnson, Ryan Hibbeler, and Mike Rose.] This week, FingerGaming covers Ratloop's puzzler Helsing's Fire and an upgraded port of Kenta Cho's shooter rRootage. Also within are the lists for top-grossing, most-downloaded free and paid Apps from Apple's store, as well as reviews for Nimble Strong, Ultrablast, and Graffiti Ball. Here are the top stories from the last seven days: - Top-Grossing Game Apps: Osmos Leads iPad Charts in Debut Week "Doodle God's popularity has cooled after an impressive second-place debut last week. The title lands behind newcomer cake decorating sim Cake Doodle at eighth place, leaving the competing word games Words With Friends and Scrabble to close out today's rankings." - Helsing's Fire: An Inventive Puzzler from Ratloop and Clickgamer "Every monster caught in the torch's light will be destroyed when a like-colored tonic is used. The torch's light does not pass through solid objects in the surrounding environment, however, so careful strategy and planning is required to make the most of each tonic." - Review: Graffiti Ball "There's nothing ingenious, flashy, or even comely about it, but building a slope out of junk and shifting it around until the ball rolls down it exactly how you planned just never seems to get old." - Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor Now Available for iPad "Voted as the 'Best iPhone Game' at last year's Independent Games Festival Mobile competition, Spider won many fans for its fluid gameplay, which challenged players to spin webs in order to trap and devour nearby insects." - Review: Ultrablast "While I would much rather be playing it on a system with tactile controls, it's still easy to recommend Ultrablast to anyone who fondly remembers what the term 'shooter' used to mean in the '90s." - Top iPad Game Apps: Osmos, Modern Conflict Head Paid Charts "Osmos currently ranks as the iPad's biggest seller across all categories, with Chillingo's low-priced strategy title Modern Conflict HD trailing close behind." - Archetype Sells 160,000 Units in Debut Week "Independent mobile publisher Villain LLC announced today that its online multiplayer first-person shooter Archetype sold 160,000 units in its first week of release, and is currently featured as Apple's iPhone App of the Week." - Fishlabs CEO Schade: Mobile Gaming Will Match Console Quality Within a Year "Schade, speculating on the release of an 'iPad HD' in the coming months, expects mobile game titles to match or exceed the standards for quality currently seen in games for the Xbox 360." - Review: Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training "Nimble Strong combines the reflex-driven action of Cooking Mama with the real-life practicality of America's Test Kitchen, only with liquor. You actually learn how to mix drinks in the game, and it's fun." - Top iPhone Game Apps: Archetype Rivals Doodle God "Gameloft's The Oregon Trail and Potty Racers fall out of the top ten this week, making way for EA's returning FIFA World Cup, Tetris, and Battleship." - rRootage Back in App Store as New, Improved, and Free rRootage Online "Kenta Cho's rRootage offers much more variety than the typical App Store shoot-'em-up, and like the PC original, rRootage Online is available as a free download."

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Danny Cowan


Danny Cowan is a freelance writer, editor, and columnist for Gamasutra and its subsites. Previously, he has written reviews and feature articles for gaming publications including 1UP.com, GamePro, and Hardcore Gamer Magazine.

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