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Bellamy Takes IGDA Executive Director Role

Yu+Co Emerging Media senior producer and IGDA chair Gordon Bellamy will step in as acting executive director, replacing the departing Joshua Caulfield, the game developer trade body announced.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

August 17, 2010

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Departing IGDA executive director Joshua Caulfield may have his replacement in Yu+Co Emerging Media senior producer Gordon Bellamy. Trade body secretary Brian Robbins announced on the IGDA's official blog that Bellamy is stepping in as acting executive director. "In the past year I have seen first hand the amount of passion, energy and dedication that Gordon brings to his work with the IGDA, and as acting executive director I am confident that he will help lead us through the changes we as an organization have to make to better serve our members, and the industry as a whole," he writes. Bellamy has worked with MTV Networks, EA, THQ and Z-AXIS, and served as Executive Director for AIAS. Yu+Co, with which he now works, is a production and design services firm for the entertainment industry. He was appointed chairman of the IGDA's board in March. "This broad base of experience means Gordon has a solid understanding of many different facets of the industry from publishing, to development to broader industry awareness," says Robbins. In July the IGDA announced that previous executive director Caulfield will leave this month, as the organization "continues the reorganization of its infrastructure to better serve our members." Caulfield held the role for only a year, succeeding 9-year executive director Jason Della Rocca.

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