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Art Institute of Portland Introduces Game Degree

The Art Institute of Portland will launch a new bachelor degree program in Game Art and Design this Spring quarter, beginning April 7.

Game Developer, Staff

March 26, 2003

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According to the school, students in the program will receive a blend of general education and industry-focused courses. They will begin by studying color theory, drawing, sculpture, and other art fundamentals. The program then adds courses in 3D modeling, animation, texturing, scripting, storytelling, storyboarding and other aspects of character design and game level design. Students also take general education courses such as the social sciences, art history, the humanities, mathematics and other areas. The entire program consists of 180 credits, and the school charges $329 per credit, for an annual tuition of $14,805. The school is now accepting applications for the Game Art & Design program for Spring and Summer quarter. Those interested can call (888) 228-6528, (503) 228-6528, or visit the school's web site at http://www.aipd.artinstitutes.edu.

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