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Anti-Violence Group's List Of "Most Violent Toys" Takes Aim At Videogames

The anti-violence group <a href="http://www.lionlamb.org">Lion & Lamb Project</a> released a list of "12 Toys To Avoid For Christmas", and included a number of videogames and toys based on videogames on its list.

Game Developer, Staff

December 12, 2001

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The list of the 12 most violent toys included these videogame-related products: -Metal Gear Solid 2's "Solid Snake" action figure (McFarlane Toys) -Dragon Ball Z "Striking Z Fighters" Series (Irwin Toys) -Mech Warrior, "Shadow Cat" model with weapons (K'Nex) -Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival videogame for the Game Boy Advance (Capcom) -Final Fight One videogame for the Game Boy Advance (Capcom) -Doom videogame for the Game Boy Advance (Activision) -Ecks vs. Sever videogame for the Game Boy Advance (Bay Area Multimedia) The company also published a list of the "Top 20 Toys for Learning, Cooperation and Creativity". It featured just one videogame-related toy: Zoombinis Mountain Rescue, a PC game from The Learning Company.

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