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Amazon is muscling into cloud gaming with Luna

Amazon has announced Luna, a new cloud gaming service meant to work with Twitch and compete with Google Stadia & Project xCloud.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

September 24, 2020

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Amazon's push into the world of game-making and game distribution continues apace. Today the company announced Amazon Luna, a new service that uses AWS game servers to allow players to stream games for instant play on Amazon-friendly devices. 

In a press release, Amazon confirmed that games like Resident Evil 7, Control, and games from Ubisoft would be available to players who sign up for the service's "early access." Ubisoft's partnership includes the "Ubisoft Game Channel," which will allow players to access new titles the same day they're released. 

Luna will also include a subscription service, Luna+, that will cost $5.99 per month. This includes access to specific games like A Plague Tale: Innocence and The Surge 2. It will also allow players to use the service on two devices simultaneously, and access 4K and 60FPs resolutions for some games.

Amazon's push into cloud gaming gives it access to some of the features that Google was hoping to make stand out with Google Stadia. Stadia hoped to have players transition right from YouTube videos into games, and Amazon hopes to make the same push with Twitch. 

The announcement of Amazon Luna seems to acknowledge that Apple isn't entirely on board with other platforms using its devices for cloud gaming services. It says that at launch, Luna will function on Fire TV, PC, and Mac platforms, with "web apps" for iPhone and iPad. Android access will arrive later.

Amazon is offering invitations to try out Luna to users who sign up here.

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