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Alias Wavefront Granted Five New Patents

Several of Alias Wavefront’s employees have recently been granted patents from the U.S. Patent Office for innovations in 3D animation and surface modeling software development.

Game Developer, Staff

December 6, 2001

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Patents were awarded to Jos Stam and Duncan Brinsmead, for inventing a method of producing fluid-like animations using a rapid, stable Navier-Stokes solver; Dick Rice and Craig McPheeters, for generating a curve through points residing on underlying geometries in a three dimensional space; Dick Rice and Nikki Rohm, for developing curve and surface modeling based on point cloud data; Peter Liepa, for devising a system and method for generating planar maps of three dimensional surfaces; and Jos Stam, for inventing a method for modeling light reflected from anisotropic and diffracting surfaces. The technology included in the five patents has already been applied to Alias Wavefront’s Maya and Studio Tools software programs. Alias Wavefront now holds a total 30 patents for its technical achievements in computer graphics.

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