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Activision Sues Call of Duty Pirates

Activision is suing a copyright violator of Xbox 360 game Call of Duty 3 for up to $150,000. A number of similar cases have also been uncovered as a result, though Activision lawyers say the lawsuits are not solely related to file-sharing.

David Jenkins, Blogger

September 22, 2008

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Activision is suing an alleged copyright violator in New York for up to $150,000. The lawsuit, originally reported by website Edge Online, accuses one James R. Strickland of copyright infringement involving Xbox 360 launch title Call Of Duty 3. The lawsuit accuses Strickland of copying the game and distributing it to the public, and Activision seeks damages of $30,000 to $150,000 for each separate infringement -- as well as legal fees. Speaking to website GamePolitics, Activision lawyers denied that the suit was related solely to file-sharing. Although copyright violations of some sort are at the root of each of the lawsuits, further details are currently unclear. Following the initial story, GamePolitics also discovered a number of similar lawsuits filed by Activision against individuals, with Call of Duty 3 being the most common game named in documents. In most cases, the defendants are not represented by counsel and are required not to discuss the case in public.

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