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Activision Reveals Guitar Hero: On Tour For DS

Activision has announced it will release Guitar Hero: On Tour, a Vicarious Visions developed version of the Guitar Hero rhythm game for Nintendo DS that will use a "Guitar Grip" peripheral, a pick-stylus, and gameplay employing DS functional

Leigh Alexander

March 20, 2008

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Activision has announced it will release Guitar Hero: On Tour, a version of the Guitar Hero rhythm game in development by Vicarious Visions for Nintendo DS. The game will be packaged with a "Guitar Grip" that fits into the DS GBA port and features four colored keys. It also comes with a pick stylus with the aim of preserving the style of the console gameplay; the DS is played sideways, open-book style, to facilitate this. The game supports local wireless co-op and battle, and new gameplay mechanics have been added to make use of the DS. For example, Activision says that in Battle Modes, players will need to blow into the microphone to extinguish pyrotechnics gone awry or scribble autographs with the stylus mid-set. Guitar Hero: On Tour will also add five unlockable new venues and six characters, two of which are exclusive to the DS game. It also provides customization options such as guitar color choice and character outfits. Activision promises a diverse song set ranging from classic rock to alternative and pop, with artists like No Doubt, Nirvana and OK Go. Activision/RedOctane head of publishing Dusty Welch commented, “We are continuing to introduce new and exciting ways to bring music to audiences with Guitar Hero. The Guitar Hero Guitar Grip redefines how games can be played on handheld systems and the integration of the microphone and touch screen gameplay on the DS, further illustrates Guitar Hero’s leadership in delivering the most unique and creative quality hardware and software on the market.”

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