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Activision has announced a series of partnerships that will bring real-world branding to the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, featuring musical equipment manufacturers, music publications, and companies such as Pontiac and Axe in a move t

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

October 24, 2007

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Activision has announced that its upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will feature a variety of real-world brands through a series of partnerships the company says is intended to add realism to the franchise. A number of musical instrument and equipment manufacturers including Gibson, Guitar Center Audio-Technica, Crate, Ernie Ball, Krank, Line 6, Mackie and Zildjian will appear in the game, and music publications Alternative Press, Decibel, Guitar Player, Kerrang and Paste will also be featured, showcasing players' names in their headlines. Activision has also formed "key strategic alliances" with companies such as Pontiac and Axe, whose products will appear in the game as part of venues or customized guitars. Dave Anderson, senior director of Business Development for Activision, said, "By forging exclusive relationships with key companies in the music and consumer packaged goods industries we are able to bring an even greater depth of realism to Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. From venues like Pontiac Garage, to customized guitars from Axe, the game delivers the ultimate rock and roll experience."

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