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2008 Game Developer Career Guide Issue Available For Free

For the first time ever, Gamasutra sister magazine Game Developer is giving away its Game Career Guide issue for free as a digital version - with postmortems, salary in

July 10, 2008

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Author: by Staff

For the first time ever, Game Developer’s annual Game Career Guide, a special edition magazine devoted to helping aspiring video game creators and guided by the editors of the Game Career Guide website, is being given away for free. The special magazine - part of Think Services, as is this website - is now available as a digital version, with both web-readable and PDF downloadable versions to choose from. The Game Career Guide issue includes a version of Game Developer's famed salary report for entry-level jobs in video game development, as well as numerous articles with tips on breaking into the industry - with former or current staffers from Secret Level, High Moon, Vicarious Visions and Linden Lab all contributing. Also included in the 2008 edition is a postmortem of notable student game Gesundheit, as well as detailed advice on how to answer ten frequently asked questions in game development job interviews. The editors of Game Developer magazine and the GameCareerGuide.com website, who created the special issue, say making the magazine free to readers this year will allow them to reach out to aspiring video game-makers as they never have before. “There are so many people, both young students and experienced professionals from other industries, who contact us time and time again looking for information about working in the video game industry,” said Jill Duffy, editor-in-chief of GameCareerGuide.com and co-creator of this issue of Game Developer. She added: “The game industry has this mystique of being inaccessibly glamorous and very restricted. Neither one of those things is really true. What the Game Career Guide does is remove all those perceived barriers and give people the information they need in an unintimidating and inviting way.” Other highlights of the 2008 magazine include a lighthearted game development quiz, testing how much you know about video games from a developer’s perspective, and an index of more than 100 colleges and universities offering programs and degrees in game-related studies. The Game Career Guide is now available for digital download, and physical versions of the magazine will be available for free at major game-related events over the next few months - including SIGGRAPH, Penny Arcade Expo, E For All, Austin GDC, Game Developers Conference 2009, and more.

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