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Sid Meier's Colonization Returns as Civ IV-Branded Standalone

Sid Meier's 1994 strategy game Colonization will return as a standalone title based on the Civilization IV engine, publisher 2K announced today. The creative team behind Civ IV expansion pack Beyond the Sword is helming the pr

Chris Remo

June 9, 2008

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After fourteen years, turn-based historical strategy game Sid Meier's Colonization will be seeing an update. Take-Two subsidiary 2K Games announced today that developer Firaxis is currently working on Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization for PC, set to be released this fall. A "complete reimagining" of the original Colonization, it again puts the player in the role of one of four European powers seeking to establish colonial dominance over the New World. Though it uses the engine from Civilization IV, Colonization will be a standalone title. Like Civ IV and its expansions, it is part of Microsoft's Games for Windows initiative. 2K representatives told Gamasutra that Colonization is being developed by the team behind Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. Alex Mantzaris and Jon Shafer were credited as lead designers on that title. As always, Meier himself is credited as chief creative officer; he most recently served as lead designer of Civilization: Revolution for Xbox 360, PS3, and DS, the first Civ game since the original with Meier in that role. Released in 1994, the original Colonization was Meier's next original game after 1991's Civilization, but unlike its successor it never saw a followup. The new version is said to feature a new interface as well as improved diplomacy options and mod tools. Said Meier, "We've received many requests from fans over the years to bring back Colonization and now seemed to be the perfect time to do that. The Civilization IV engine provided a fantastic foundation for a new Colonization experience and allowed us to create something great for both new players and long time fans of the game.”

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