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PUBG logs 1 million peak concurrent players for 365 days in a row, a Steam first

According to the third-party Steam tracker SteamDB, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has attracted over one million players at daily peak for one year straight, a first for any game on Steam.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

September 10, 2018

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Newsbrief: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has boasted over 1 million peak concurrent players each and every day for a year now, at least going by numbers pulled from the third-party Steam app tracker SteamDB

Beyond just that even, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the first Steam game ever to maintain 1 million plus player peaks for a year straight, according to PCGamesN.

The game first crossed the 1 million concurrent players around August 7, 2017, during the early days of the yet-ongoing battle royale PUBG itself kicked off. The game’s popularity on Steam has seen its own share of ebbs and flows since last August, eventually peaking at 3.2 million players in mid-January, but even in the wake of competition from games like Epic’s Fortnite and the other emerging battle royale titles, PUBG has stayed above 1 million peak concurrent players for a solid year. 

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