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Magic: Legends is shutting down in beta, refunds promised for in-game purchases

All player purchases made during the beta period will be refunded, while _Magic: Legends _is slated to go offline this year.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

June 29, 2021

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Magic: Legends was expected to launch sometime in 2021, but it now looks like the game is instead going dark for good after a brief open beta period on PC.

Developer Cryptic Studios broke the unfortunate news through the game's official channels, announcing today that the servers for Magic: Legends will go offline on October 31, 2021 and that there are currently no plans to revive the game on PC or any of its other planned platforms.

The decision to shutter Magic: Legends falls a little over three months into the game's open beta, which started in late March on PC. In that post, executive producer Steve Ricossa notes that the team is proud of what it achieved, but acknowledges that its vision for Magic: Legends "missed the mark".

"Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we got to bring the expansive Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to a wide audience and explore new angles within the established ARPG genre," writes Ricossa. "We learned several valuable lessons along the way, and we will use them to improve Cryptic’s future development efforts."

As part of the closure, Cryptic is working to fully refund players for any money they spent in-game, which includes all in-game purchases made since Magic: Legends launched into open beta. As a result, the in-game premium shop has been shut down and all in-game items, from this week until that October 31 closure, can instead be purchased with the Aether currency earned through regular gameplay.

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