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Halo Reach Adds Expanded Forge Mode, Xbox 360 Hardware Bundle

Highly-anticipated Halo: Reach is getting a limited-edition bundle silver Xbox 360 bundle, plus matching wireless controllers decorated with Bungie art -- and new user created in-game map tools.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

July 23, 2010

1 Min Read

Highly-anticipated Halo: Reach is getting a special limited-edition bundle accompanied by a silver Xbox 360 and customized accessories like matching wireless controllers decorated with art by Bungie. The 250 GB console bundle also includes a token for the limited edition Elite armor set, an episode of Halo Legends and a wired headset themed around Halo: Reach. Finally, the custom Xbox 360 hardware features custom sound effects from the Halo property. The special bundles are already available for preorder for $399; they officially launch September 14, while the limited-edition Reach-themed controllers and wireless headsets will be available late August, Microsoft says. The controller is sold along with a Covenant Banshee avatar item for $59.99; the headset launches in August for $49.99, although both items, like the bundle, are "being produced in limited quantities," according to Microsoft. At the same time, Bungie announced the Forge 2.0 editing toolset; built into the game, it's designed to allow users to make multiplayer maps and share them. Forge World is set on one of the series' "Halo" rings, and "serves as a giant canvas" for players to build maps alone or cooperatively with up to seven friends.

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