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Halo 3 North American Pre-orders Surpass 1 Million

Microsoft has announced that its 1 million copies of Halo 3 pre-ordered from American retailers marks the fastest pre-sale in video game history, as the company announces a major marketing push for the game, including partnerships with Mountain Dew

Jason Dobson, Blogger

August 9, 2007

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With the highly anticipated Halo 3 for the Xbox 360 scheduled to ship in North America September 25, Microsoft has confirmed that over 1 million copies of the game have been pre-ordered from North American retail outlets, marking the fastest pre-sale in video game history, according to the company. As previously reported, Halo 3 will be released in three editions, including the expensive Legendary Edition, which includes a replica Master Chief helmet, a version that Microsoft notes has seen strong demand and is expected to be sold out before the game launches in September. Additionally, Microsoft has also revealed initial details regarding promotional efforts put behind the game, seen by many as one of the most important Xbox 360 releases to date, including partnerships with companies and brands such as Mountain Dew, which will release a new Halo 3-branded soft drink called Mountain Dew Game Fuel on August 13. 7-Eleven stores will also promote the game's release by offering Halo 3-branded collectible Slurpee cups, as well as through contests and prizes, including the opportunity to win a minor role as a voice actor in Ensemble Studios' upcoming Halo Wars. Other promotions will come from Automobile manufacturer Pontiac, which will host its own Pontiac Gamers Garage events, offering consumers the opportunity to play Halo 3 before it is released. The company will also give away 1,000 copies of the game, as well as a special Halo 3-themed G6 GXP Street car. Comcast also plans to hold exclusive Halo 3 video content, including user-generated movies and machinima, on both its website and through its On Demand service. Finally, Microsoft has revealed that Halo 3 is the official sponsor of this summer's Projekt Revolution music tour, and that special game-related events are planned for select cities during the summer tour. "This September, Halo 3 will push video game entertainment into the forefront of mainstream culture," said Chris Di Cesare, director of creative marketing at Microsoft. "Teaming up with some of the world's strongest and most recognizable brands is trailblazing new paths and cementing video games as big entertainment on par with major event films, and is a testament to the excitement and anticipation intrinsically linked to Halo 3."

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