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Dragon Quest V Tops Million, Crisis Core Nears 2 Million

DS title Dragon Quest V has sold nearly 1.2 million units to date in Japan, according to new figures released by publisher Square Enix that also show PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII nearing 2 million unit sales worldwide.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

February 16, 2009

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Dragon Quest V has sold 1.19 million units to date in Japan, according to new figures released by Square Enix spanning the latter three-quarters of 2008. The company revealed numbers for both the April to December 2008 period, and life to date sales for its largest titles, according to data translated by consumer weblog Kotaku. Character mashup fighter Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP came in second during the period with 780,000 units in Japan-only sales, showing the enduring nature of the Final Fantasy franchise over multiple game genres. In addition, the remake of classic RPG Chrono Trigger for Nintendo DS came in with 490,000 units for Japan and 220,000 for North America, where it was released in November, for a total of 710,000. Other notable worldwide totals for April to December 2008 were multi-console Unreal Engine 3 RPG The Last Remnant (490,000), Final Fantasy IV for DS (480,000), and Infinity Undiscovery on Xbox 360 (440,000). The company also revealed lifetime to date sales totals for other notable games. Since its September 2007 Japanese launch, PSP Final Fantasy VII prequel Crisis Core has sold 820,000 units in the region. The critically acclaimed PSP RPG reached North America in March 2008 and Europe in June, and sold 660,000 and 480,000 units in those regions, respectively, for a total of 1.96 million units worldwide. Other lifetime totals include Dragon Quest IV on DS, with 1.45 million units, almost all of them in Japan, and Final Fantasy IV on DS (1.08 million), plus Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on DS (650,000).

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