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Defcon Finished For DS, But No Publisher

Independent U.K. developer Introversion is sitting on a finished DS version of the strategy game Defcon, but the game still needs a publisher.

Kris Graft, Contributor

April 20, 2009

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Introversion is currently sitting on a finished version of the Wargames-inspired strategy game Defcon for Nintendo DS. The problem is that the long-rumored DS iteration of the game -- an adaptation of the acclaimed PC version -- has no publisher. Introversion did have a distribution deal with Pinnacle Software, but that U.K.-based firm went into administration late last year. Introversion said it has since regained all rights to the "finished DS SKU" of Defcon . Introversion describes Defcon as an "Armageddon sim." It implements sparse graphics and sounds to give gamers the impression that they're in a safe bunker controlling the global launches of nuclear missiles. Introversion appointed agents Bad Management to assist in the search for potential publishing partners. Bad Management senior partner John Cook said that Defcon's finished state and established name should help attract publishers. The game will utilize the DS' touch screen features. Although the game currently has no publisher, Introversion expects the game to launch in Q3 this year. “With the DSi flying off the shelves recently, we believe that there will be particular interest in a finished DS product with such a great track record, especially as the RTS/Strategy sector is so poorly served on the platform,“ said Introversion director Mark Morris in a statement.

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