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C++ for Game Programmers Book Release

Course PTR announces the release of C++ for Game Programmers, second edition, an updated and expanded edition of this reference.

November 7, 2006

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Author: by Beth A.

Course PTR announces the release of C++ for Game Programmers, second edition, an updated and expanded edition of this reference, which is not intended to replace foundational C++ books and reference material, but instead supplement them by putting everything into perspective from a game development point of view. The book, written by Michael Dickheiser, points out the most effective C++ practices and steers readers away from the potentially misleading ones. It describes common C++ techniques to solve specific problems most game developers face. The second edition includes a wide variety of new, improved examples and illustrations, while preserving the core material from inheritance, performance, memory management, and STL to object creation, object serialization, and scripting languages. In addition, three new chapters have been added to meet the needs of today’s game programmers. The first new chapter, C++ Design Patterns, covers the high-level problem-solving constructs that are most commonly found in games and other interactive applications. After the introductory chapters on the Standard Template Library, readers will find a new chapter, Beyond STL: Custom Structures and Algorithms, which provides a detailed hands-on discussion of using C++ to create efficient solutions to difficult problems in a highly structured manner. Finally, the new C++ and Scripting chapter covers the ever-increasing use of embedded scripting languages and the many ways scripting can increase productivity without compromising the power and philosophy of C++. This new edition seeks to serve the needs of experienced game programmers and provide those who are new to C++ or new to game development with the techniques they need to get up and running quickly. Michael Dickheiser is a Software Engineer with over nine years experience in team-oriented projects within the computer game industry. He has been involved in all stages of development from conceptual design, technical design and documentation, to implementation, debugging, and formal testing. Dickheiser was most recently a Senior Engineer at Red Storm Entertainment and he is now Senior Computer Scientist at Applied Research Associates. For more information, visit the Course PTR website.

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