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Battlefield 1943 Users Collect Decades Of Playtime On Launch Day, Server Issues Nearly Resolved

EA DICE's Battlefield 1943 saw Xbox 360 users collectively log 24.95 years of gameplay on its launch day last week, and in a new update, DICE says it's been steadily working to resolve server capacity issues.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

July 13, 2009

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Electronic Arts DICE has been steadily working to resolve server capacity issues challenging last week's Battlefield 1943 launch, when the online title struggled under an unexpected wave of users. On its first day, Xbox 360 players alone collectively logged 29.45 years of gameplay, according to DICE's Gordon VanDyke, revealing new stats on the game's official forums. He also said users marked 5 million kills on launch day. VanDyke now says the worst of the snarls are in the rear view, claiming server capacity's been increased "quite a lot" on both Xbox 360 and PS3 after "a huge amount" of capacity was added over the launch week. He also says DICE is continuing to work on connectivity glitches and higher-than-normal packet loss at some data centers. Absolute number of players were not revealed by EA, although Gamasutra sister console digital download website GamerBytes noted that the Xbox Live Arcade leaderboards had over 80,000 entries after just the first day.

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