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Batman: The Brave And The Bold To Feature Wii, DS Connectivity

Upcoming Warner Bros DS game Batman: The Brave and the Bold will make use of the DS to Wii wireless communication function, allowing the player to assume the role of an additional character.

Colette Bennett

August 16, 2010

1 Min Read

The Nintendo DS and the Wii actually feature the ability to connect wirelessly, but so few games implement the function that most consumers forget it's even there. It's therefore notable to see that upcoming Nintendo DS title Batman: The Brave and the Bold will make use of it, allowing players to take the role of Bat-Mite, an imp from the Mite Dimension who imitates Batman's style. Both the Wii and the Nintendo DS versions of Batman: The Brave and the Bold are being developed by WayForward Technologies, who previously worked on A Boy And His Blob and Contra 4. Due to hit shelves on September 7th, the Nintendo DS version will include the means to control Bat-Mite in the Wii version, allowing a total of three players to participate at a time. Gamasutra spoke with Sean Velasco, Director at WayForward, who was able to clarify a bit more for us in terms of how the gameplay works. "When you connect the DS, you can play as Bat-Mite and you move him around on the screen and drop both power-ups and hazards," says Sean. "So you are a nuisance and help, just like the real Bat-Mite." Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment will be publishing the title, as the company continues to expand its game industry presence as of late, with the recent acquisition of a majority stake in Rocksteady Studios and the purchase of most of Midway Games' assets. Samantha Ryan, senior VP of production and development at WB, recently told Gamasutra that from here on out, WB will focus on "internal depth and growth" rather than further acquisitions.

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