PlayStation VR 2 will have at least 20 titles at launch

So virtual, much reality. Sony Interactive Entertainment disclosed that 20 games, a combination of first- and third-party, will launch alongside the upcoming PSVR2 headset.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has informed investors (and consequently, the rest of us) that it intends to put on one hell of a light show when the PlayStation VR 2 debuts. In a business segment presentation released yesterday evening, the company explained that when its updated virtual reality headset launches, it will be with over 20 first and third-party titles, including Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Sony didn't indicate if any of the third-party titles would be ports from Meta Quest or other VR platforms, or if any of its first-party titles would be updates of prior PSVR exclusives.

Whether those twenty VR titles are brand-new games or re-releases, Sony stands to do well either way. Sales of the first PlayStation VR were fine (over 5 million units as of 2020), but that's less than five percent of total PS4 sales.

We may have some indication that at least some of those titles are VR versions of pre-existing triple-A games. In 2021, Sony hosted an internal developers conference where developers were encouraged to develop titles for the PSVR2. Sony apparently made clear that it was interested in having triple-A games ported to the platform, similar to the PSVR modes for Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3, and No Man's Sky.

A strong lineup for the PSVR2, combined with technological improvements to Sony's VR technology, could help the company convert a higher percentage of PlayStation 5 owners into VR consumers. Even if the games are available on other platforms, they could still drive player interest.

Sony still has not confirmed a release date for the PSVR2. It has revealed that the device will feature new controllers with hand tracking, an expanded field of view, and higher-resolution monitors inside the headset. 

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