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Sony apparently wants triple-A games to support VR for PSVR 2

Leaks out of an internal developer conference have revealed new details about Sony's second PlayStation VR headset, including some tech specs and Sony’s plans for the platform.

Sony’s virtual reality ambitions for the PlayStation 5 apparently go quite far, and new details of them have emerged from a private developers conference held yesterday.

According to YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole and UploadVR, Sony showed off more details on the upcoming headset, including that it will reportedly contain an HDR OLED display, has an increased field of view of 110 degrees, and will feature new controllers that use capactive touch sensors for the thumb, index, and middle finger.

The device’s displays will also apparently support a resolution of 4000x2040 pixels, split into 2000x2040 for each player’s eye, along with eye-tracking support for foveated rendering.

Sony apparently doesn’t want VR on the PlayStation 5 to be a niche affair, and explained that it’s looking for triple-A titles to support the headset. The goal is apparently to build in VR support for pre-existing games, similar to how Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3, and No Man’s Sky all included optional support for the first PlayStation VR headset.

If Sony’s able to get more developers on board with that plan, it’ll do a lot to boost the next PSVR’s market chances. Support for virtual reality development has smoldered as expensive PC headsets have given more way to cord-free platforms like Oculus Quest.

To expand the market, more VR headsets probably need to be easier to purchase, install, and set up regularly, and have access to a large library of titles. Expanding the PlayStation 5’s VR-friendly library by just getting more developers to include support for the headset could be a big shot in the arm for the technology’s future.

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