20% of the Oculus Store's $100 million lifetime sales were Quest titles

The Oculus Store has surpassed $100 million in lifetime sales, thanks in no small part to the recent release of the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Store has surpassed $100 million in lifetime sales, thanks in no small part to the Oculus Quest.

Speaking during Oculus Connect, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that over $100 million has been spent in the Facebook-owned VR company’s game and app marketplace, but that 20 percent of that spending came entirely from the Oculus Quest.

That caveat is notable due to the fact that the Quest is a relatively new addition to the Oculus virtual reality lineup, a line that got its official launch in 2016. The standalone Quest headset, meanwhile, only released this May, meaning the $20 million or so it contributed to the overall Oculus Store earnings are a very recent addition.

Oculus’ first commercial headset, the Oculus Rift, launched back in 2016, followed by the less powerful but portable Oculus Go in 2017, and the Quest this year. Though the Oculus Store is the storefront used to purchase up VR games on all three platforms, the varying power and features of each headset means that their actual libraries differ quite a bit.

Some games, like Beat Saber, are available on multiple Oculus headsets. In that specific case, Oculus noted during the keynote that Beat Saber is the first title on its store to sell over 1 million copies, and that the Quest version of the game sold 300 percent more copies during its Quest launch than it did during its original Rift launch.

The distance between the Rift and Quest library is set to decrease in the near future however. Oculus is months away from launching Oculus Link, a way for Quest users to plug their typically standalone VR headsets into their PCs and play games developed and sold for the Oculus Rift.

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