What if "Bamboo chicken" befriends me... Then what?

I'm having a moral issue dilemma about a possible way to make a living and do a good thing, but at what cost?

The Bamboo chicken is a nickname for the Green iguana, I plan on hunting it and other non native species in our area including monitor lizards.

The dilemma: I don't have a problem culling the crop... But they are social creatures... What happens If I reach down to cull one and it befriends me?

 It makes me feel sick knowing I gotta do what I gotta do, and it's no fault of their own. They are peaceful animals for the most part. The older ones are aggressive. The younger ones, not nearly as much.

 They are beautiful animals too. They are living dinosaurs. They have three eyes man!

There is a lot of opportunity to make a decent living in the long run doing what I want to do, but at what price on my soul... Am I doing the right thing?

If I go to lizard hell, I hope there is a beach there.


Edit:                      Oh yeah, how does this apply to games? Even though this is a real situation, there is an unintentional metaphor in there also, that pertains to gaming. If you read between the lines, you'll find it.

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