Sponsored: Learn how to massively scale your multiplayer game with this free webinar

Join Redis Labs and Gamasutra for this free webinar on how developers can scale their multiplayer games using multiple cloud providers and without driving up costs.

Presented by Redis Labs

Tackling distributed computations and rapidly building accurate and readable leaderboards into multiplayer games is critical for game developers in this space, and it’s a process that can benefit from expert insight into the specific data structures (like sorted sets and hashes) and resources that are incredibly proficient at delivering vital scoring and ranking functionality.

When it comes to massively scaling multiplayer games, there are unique sets of obstacles to address on that front, and Redis Labs - an open source, in-memory data structure store - is hosting a free webinar to help developers overcome those barriers in their own multiplayer projects. 

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User experience is the heart of the game industry. Creating unique and dynamic experiences is crucial for companies to drive both customer acquisition and retention.

Join this free webinar to learn how to use Redis’ easy to use tools in order to:

  • Accelerate analysis across a variety of data sets and data types
  • Attain consistency and durability of high-speed transactions
  • Auto-scale with multiple cloud providers
  • Keep costs down with a significantly-reduced deployment footprint

When: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 
2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT


  Madhukar Kumar
  VP Technical and Product Marketing
  Redis Labs


Madhukar is a product strategist with a track record of successfully running product management and product marketing teams for the last 10+ years. He has held several leadership positions in small and large technology companies like Zuora, HP and Oracle where he was responsible for building vision, go to market strategies and opening up new markets for hyper growth.

More recently, he ran product strategy and product marketing at Oracle for Customer Experience (CX) products portfolio including Marketing, CRM, Commerce, and Service. In the last 10 years he has also been writing in technology journals and speaking at several industry events across the globe around disruptive new technologies affecting businesses and the future of customer experience.

  Moderator: Alissa McAloon
  News Editor and Associate Publisher


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