Join the first-ever live Gamasutra Webcast feat. Innersloth's Victoria Tran! 2

Victoria Tran, community director at Among Us developer Innersloth, will be presenting a talk live with Gamasutra next month on how to convey your game's value in today's noisy marketplace.

We're trying something new here on Gamasutra! We're piloting a new Gamasutra Webcasts series, featuring great speakers who will share insight into the art and business of making games. These are free to attend, live broadcasts with a Q&A (and available on-demand if you miss the original broadcast).

We're excited to announce that the very first guest in this series is indie marketing superstar Victoria Tran (@TheVTran). Now working as community director at Among Us developer Innersloth, she was previously communications director at Kitfox Games, working on titles including Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, Pupperazzi, and more. She has a serious knack for building communities and knows how to get people interested in her projects--and she's going to share a little bit of how she does that!

Tran will be giving the talk "Conveying Your Game's Value" on Tuesday, December 1 at 2:00pm EST.


What to expect:

  • A 30-minute presentation by Victoria Tran on how to convey your game's value through marketing
  • A 15-minute presentation on game publishing and distribution from our sponsor Xsolla
  • A 15-minute moderated live Q&A

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How the value of a game is calculated in a potential player's mind
  • How to create a customer value proposition
  • How to use this information in your messaging
  • Writing tips to help your messaging shine
  • And stick around for an audience Q&A!

More details

Featured Presentation:
Conveying Your Game's Value

So you have a game and you've decided to self-publish, but now the marketing is all up to you. Most importantly, one of the biggest responsibilities is up to you: how do you craft a message that makes people understand and care about your game? It isn't just as easy as saying "add value."

What is valuable? How do you find your game's value? And what are the ways you can actually create that message?  What writing tips should you keep in mind? No one will be interested in your game if you cannot tell them why it is interesting in a way that they actually care about. Let's learn how to stand out in a noisy market!

Sponsor Presentation:
Navigating the Future of Game Publishing and Distribution

With players spread across multiple game platforms and services, many challenges have emerged for developers. At Xsolla, we believe the platform of the future is an independent, decentralized system that utilizes common, unified basic principles and standards. This system spreads to all current platforms and uses them as sources for gaining new users, building a community, and acting as sales channels.

Key takeaways: Learn how to navigate the future of game publishing and distribution with solutions that easily integrate with your existing business and allow you to grow across all platforms.


Featured Speaker: Victoria Tran

Featured Speaker: Victoria Tran
Community Director

Victoria Tran is the Community Director at Among Us developer Innersloth. Previously, she worked at Kitfox Games, working on projects like Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, Pupperazzi, and more. When she is not exploring ways to create kinder game community spaces and how tech and compassion interact, she co-organizes Game & Colour MTL, a group that supports and amplifies game developers of colour in Canada.

Sponsor Presenter: Chris Hewish

Sponsor Guest Presenter: Chris Hewish

Chris Hewish is the President of Xsolla and is an award-winning interactive executive and studio head, with experience driving operations and go-to-market strategies across all video game industry segments. He has used his skills to lead multi-team video game studios and global interactive business units with hundreds of employees at companies like Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Survios, Skydance, and Xsolla.

Moderator: Kris Graft

Moderator: Kris Graft
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

Kris Graft is editor-in-chief and publisher of Gamasutra, the leading site dedicated to the art and business of making games.


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