Introducing Team Name and their student game: Bears of War

Team Name is a group of students at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand who have produced a game, Bears of War, over a four-week production period. This is an outline of their project.

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Let me introduce Team Name.

Led by Adam Frewen as Project Manager and artist on the game, Team Name was made of six students. The programmers' team, led by Ilia Konytchev included Nick Christian and Sean Flannigan (who was also Lead Designer on the project. And finally the artists, Nick McKay (Lead Artist) and Xin Chen.

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Over the course of the four weeks, the students worked on Bears of War. Bears of War is a fast-paced, side view, survival shooter. Players can pair up with a friend, or go in solo as they attempt to defend Earth against a formidable onslaught. The team's goal was to produce a game that was both visually appealing and enjoyable to play.

And when it comes to what makes it fun: they wanted to make a game with re-playability, which would entertain from casual gamers to hardcore players in search of high scores, achievements and medals. The survival element and the competitive scoring are the fun factors, the achievements add a new level of experience to the game.

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So the experience of making a game is complete. The satisfaction of being able to play the game students envisaged, designed when they first starting pitching their ideas is immense. And the learning gained from such being in realistic production time is invaluable.

Adam Frewen, Project Manager for Team Name says, "Working together as a team of artists and programmers to make a game was interesting.  Learning how programmers and artists communicate and how people in general approach tasks differently was a great learning experience.  For most of us this was the first time we've made a game, being able to work on these projects has given us a better understanding of how production will work and has helped us grow immensely as artists and programmers."

All I really can add to that is: cool!

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