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Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from industry figures from the past week, including Quantic Dream's David Cage, DayZ's Dean Hall, DeNA's Neil Young, and many others in this weekly roundup.

Eric Caoili, Blogger

August 17, 2012

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Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures from the past week, including Quantic Dream's David Cage, DayZ's Dean Hall, DeNA's Neil Young, and many others. In our original and exclusive interviews, analysis, and feature pieces over the past week, a wide variety of developers, publishers, and indies shared their thoughts on predicting the future by studying Japan, first-person shooter fatigue, and more. This Week's Noteworthy Game Industry Quotes "Imagine playing a game like kickball in an asynchronous way. .. The whole point is seeing that other team there, and interacting with them on a variety of levels, and that same mentality should carry over into social games as well." - Kixeye CEO Will Harbin making the case for real-time/synchronous multiplayer games on Facebook "People see what I do, that they have wanted their experiences to be more about them -- as gamers -- and that the mod shows that it is possible and it doesn't need to be provided within a massive blockbuster game budget." - DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall (pictured) "We're able to kind of take this "secret knowledge from the future" and actually make it work here in the West." - DeNA U.S. CEO Neil Young on applying lessons from Japan's mobile market in the West "I mean, how many first person shooters can you make? ... There's a moment where we need to grow up." - Quantic Dream director David Cage "We need to train our kids properly for knowledge work, since there are fewer manufacturing jobs." - Untold Entertainment president Ryan Henson Creighton on helping kids learn how to program and make games "People who buy Nintendo platforms actually care about buying and playing games ... too many users of iOS are freeloaders." - Nnooo creative director Nic Watt "[Game mechanics are] a nuisance to prototype and test... because unless they're simple enough to implement in a board game, you have to either write code or use a spreadsheet, and neither one is particularly fast or intuitive." - Designer Ernest Adams discusses the difficulties of creating and testing video game mechanics "One of the main purposes of adding enemies to a game is to create an interesting challenge to teach the player, little by little, the mechanics of the game." - Ubisoft Montreal senior game designer Sebastien Lambottin The complete versions of these in-depth articles, as well as other insightful pieces, are all available in Gamasutra's pages for Exclusive items and Features.

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Eric Caoili currently serves as a news editor for Gamasutra, and has helmed numerous other UBM Techweb Game Network sites all now long-dead, including GameSetWatch. He is also co-editor for beloved handheld gaming blog Tiny Cartridge, and has contributed to Joystiq, Winamp, GamePro, and 4 Color Rebellion.

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