Your game industry in your words: Week of April 27

Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from industry figures such as Infinity Ward veteran Robert Bowling, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, and many others in this weekly roundup.
[Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures such as Infinity Ward veteran Robert Bowling (pictured), Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner, and many others.] In our original and exclusive interviews, analysis, and feature pieces over the past week, a wide variety of developers, publishers, and indies shared their thoughts on sandbox gameplay, treating gamers like crabs, ignoring Android, and more. This Week's Noteworthy Game Industry Quotes "Right now is the single most valuable time for independent developers in our industry." - Infinity Ward veteran and Robotoki founder Robert Bowling "Every time somebody makes a game, hopefully... it pushes the envelope in some way." - Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner "Ignore Android at your own peril! Planning an iOS only release strategy is short-sighted and disastrous in the long run." - Mobile Deluxe's VP of production Sean Thompson "The author George R.R. Martin [A Song of Ice and Fire] said this about fantasy and I think it holds true for games: You have to treat the audience like they're crabs." - KingsIsle (Wizard101) creative director Todd Coleman "We were trying to change the definition of a video game." - Tom Zito of Digital Pictures, developer of cult Sega CD game Night Trap "In the end we thought that if the game failed and the company died, so what, at least we tried, so it wouldn't bother us the rest of our lives for not having the courage to try." - Almost Human's (Legend of Grimrock) Juho Salila) "I don't think we'll ever know exactly how many Net Yaroze games there were." - Smudged Cat Games' David Johnston talking about Sony's PlayStation dev kit for hobbyist developers "I am not sure it's masochism, because that suggests pleasure derived solely from pain." - RedLynx managing director Tero Virtala discussing Trials Evolution's intense difficulty "The problem with pure sandbox is you are limited to the hardcore." - World of Darkness MMO creative director Reynir Hardarson The complete versions of these in-depth articles, as well as other insightful pieces, are all available in Gamasutra's pages for Exclusive items and Features.

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