Watch two of Elsinore's devs discuss the tragic Shakespeare simulator

Watch two of the developers behind Elsinore discuss the making of their Hamlet-themed Shakespeare simulator.

This month, the six-year development saga of Elsinore came to a close as the time-looping Shakespeare simulator finally made its way to Steam. It's a unique take on the Bard's work that relies on a set of character states to drive an evolving set of events that in turn, throw the events of Hamlet wildly (and fantastically) off course. 

Today on the GDC Twitch channel, designer Connor Fallon and lead programmer Eric Butler dropped by to chat about Elsinore's design and development, sharing insights into how its simulation structure functions and stories about their dedicated one-Sunday-per-week production schedule. 

If you're curious how the team mixed together "choose-your-own-adventure" mechanics and a dynamic simulation structure, we've grabbed that video and embedded it right up above! And if this dev conversation was right up your alley, be sure to follow the GDC Twitch channel for more interviews and select GDC talks. 


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