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Watch game developer Owen Goss break down FutureGrind's game design

One of the co-creators of FutureGrind dropped by the GDC Twitch channel for a chat about the game's design and development process.

Bryant Francis

January 25, 2019

1 Min Read

FutureGrind, the cyberpunk grinding game, launched earlier this week on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. But while it's a challenging arcade experience that rewards skilled players who want to break down its puzzles, it's also an indie game with ground-up accessibility features that stand out from the pack. 

To discuss the making of FutureGrind, game designer Owen Goss dropped by the GDC Twitch channel earlier today for a chat about the game's inception, its long development process, and the accessibility features that let more people enjoy what he and collaborator Matt Rix spent so much time on. 

You can now watch the full conversation with Goss in the video above. If you're interested in more game developer insight, don't wait, rush over to the GDC Twitch channel and follow our colleagues now! 

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