Video: Designing the Space Stations in XO

Watch our 3D artist Brian Davis create a space station in 3 and a half minutes... sort of.
Brian Jamison is the creative director at Jumpdrive Studios, an indie game company in Portland, OR. The team is looking for support on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight for their first game, XO
Keeping with XO's mantra of designing things that might actually work, we modelled the space station with an enormous rotating outer ring that provides artificial gravity thanks to the centrifugal force generated by the spin.  The large center of the station provides docking, fuel storage, warehousing... and zero G pubs.
Here's our 3D artist Brian Davis recording his process modeling the first of many space stations you'll find in XO!  The video was then sped up 3000% - you can really see the amount of detail that goes into every asset of the game:   


For more information about the art direction and design of XO, hit us up on Twitter!

Music credit: Slothfella
The new release "Savage Mountain" is on available on Bandcamp

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