The Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience

I am currently working on a Simulation based on Virtual Reality.


I started to get into this project a week ago.

The Technology I have available are the Oculus SDK2 aswell as the Oculus SDK1, The Kinect v1.8 and the Kinect v2 and a 3D mouse with 6 degrees of freedom for the main input.


The simulation is done for training purposes. Or more fitting, it is a simulation to show the user what will await him at the real training session. 

The goal of this project is to get a multiplayer simulation for three people. 2 Users and 1 Instructor, who can manipulate / set up the training area as he pleases. 

The two users will then get an assignment based on the set up that the Instructor went for and will have to fullfill a certain task in order to complete the simulation.

For the Hardware I am still not sure if I should go for the Kinect v2 or for some other technology.

The Kinect is basically just important to track the Hands of the Users. However, it is known that the Kinect has some issues with reliability and loses track of the hands to often due to visual noise.

A possible solution to get a more accurate Handtracking could be the Leapmotion. Though the leapmotion has some major drawbacks on the accuracy. From the reviews I could tell that it also has trouble if it is not able to track the finger correctly ( if you for example hold him straight forward in front of you ).

Option 2 would be using the Razer Hydra. The Razer Hydra comes with high precision regarding the position and rotation in the room. The drawback on the Hydra is, that is not as intuitive as using just your hands to control the virtual space.

It seems the 3rd option is the best option by far. Using motion tracking gloves. When researching that technology I came across the Control VR Kickstarter Project.


As far as I found out. This is the only technology of it's kind right now that can be bought and has a reliable functionality. Please proof me wrong if I am.

The next step in my production will be to reconstruct the simulation in Unreal Engine 4, because it was started in Unity and I personally prefer Unreal Engine 4 over Unity for 3D Applications.






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