The idea behind Dungeoncraft

Dungeoncraft is a "Dungeon Keeper" style game with roguelike elements. A sort of simpler and graphical Dwarf Fortress! This is our first blog post but many others will follow soon!

Welcome, dear visitor, to our humble and brand new development blog! 

We’re Moonloop, a small indie software house made by two guys with big dreams and a lot of passion. We’re both freelancers, sometimes working on several projects at the same time, living out mobile and flash development, and Dungeoncraft is our real first big in-house project.

The game is currently in development for PC, targeting Windows, OS X and Linux platforms.

Dungeoncraft is a simulation and strategy game that take inspiration by classics like Populous, The Settlers, Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress.

The player needs to take care and manage a whole settlement in a procedurally generated world while adventuring in other dungeons and fortresses.

Each inhabitant in the colony will feature RPG-like statistics and will have a limited ability to carry objects and tools with a sort of mini-inventory system.

Resource gathering and survival are key elements in the gameplay: resources will allow the settlers to craft tools and weapons to grow stronger and survive. Expanding and building the dungeon will also unlock more knowledge and possibilities.

The secondary but not less important gameplay element is exploration. The player will be able to form parties and guide the best warriors in the colony in dangerous quests in other players dungeons or inside coves of enemy mobs.

The game will feature both competitive and cooperative multiplayer features tightly integrated with the single player mode.

Stay tuned!


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