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Learn both why and how you can make your own text-based adventure game with Twine from one of indie gaming's most outspoken proponents of democratized creation: Anna Anthropy.

August 5, 2015

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Anna Anthropy is a noted advocate for putting the tools of game creation in everybody's hands, and that's just what Twine does: It's a simple engine for creating text-based games. In an article from the 2015 Game Career Guide, she explains how to get your first Twine project off the ground.

It has distinct advantages, she writes: "Twine is free, text-only, and requires no programming. It's a very easy-to-use platform for creating hypertext games and stories. Plus, it's easy to distribute; Finished games are published as HTML files, which can then be uploaded to a site like www.philome.la. As a bonus, Twine games are more player-accessible than most, since they'rep layed with just the mouse and generally require no dexterity."

The article, while brief, offers a complete guide to everything you need to get your first Twine game off the ground. And that's just the beginning: There's much more advice from many other game industry experts in this year's Game Career Guide. Download it today!

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