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There is no more immersive game experience than allowing player to feel the game world from the first person perspective , FPS games centered on easy control and exciting gameplay which appeals to lots of audience , even after more than 20 years since its
    There is no more immersive game experience than allowing player to feel the game world from the first person perspective , FPS games centered on easy control and exciting gameplay which appeals to lots of audience , even after more than 20 years since its debut , it's still the most popular genre of action games 
Brief History of FPS
  In the mid-70s of America ,leaded by pioneers like Ralph Baer and Nolan Bushnell , video game industry started to grow , innovative developers all put their creativity into games with great zeal though limited by hardware , games such as Battlezone and Maze War first let player experience the game world through protagonist's eyes , then in 1992 , id software made that further by releasing the first  mature FPS game in the world - Wolfenstein 3D , this game set the standard of what a FPS should look like and deeply influenced later games 
Maze wars(1974 by Steven Colley)
Battlezone(1980 by Atari)
Wolfenstein 3D
    After Wolfenstein 3D's success , id software released the first game of Doom series which was a hit for its more weapon choices and multiplayer support , after that another important game series - Quake, though its extra need for 3D accelerator card to perform highly drew both love and hate, that couldn't hide the glamor of its real 3D modeling graphic,of their contemporary games ,System Shock and Rainbow Six blended with other game types and started the role playing shooting and tactic shooting as sub genres of FPS,another title named Duke Nukem is produced in 1996 ,with violence and sense of humor as selling points. Golden eye 007 was developed for Nintendo 64 and became one of the bestselling games on that platform .Upon the excellent game engine used by Quake a revolutionary game series - half life is developed by now so famous Valve, in 1998 rose the curtain on a game "Unreal" and its game engine which was widely used by later games
     In late 90s,developers began to focus on multiplayer gameplay,as a result Unreal Tournament III ,Quake III:Arena were released , Valve also struck a hit mod of half life - Counter Strike , which plays an important role in global e-Sports tournaments.The classic multiplayer modes they created like "team death match" , "catch the flag" have been adopted by the games coming after and still welcomed till now
     As the heat for multiplayer gameplay rising , the effort to make better single player campaign never ceased , based on World War II EA created Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942, in the other hand Bungie and Nintendo "eyes on the future" ,released two sci-fi FPS games, Bungie the Halo and Nintendo the Metroid Prime , Samus,the protagonist of Metroid series is the first female character featured in FPS games .In the same period ,new blood also came to tactic shooters , such as Ghost Recon , Project I.G.I and Delta force

    In October 2003,one of the greatest FPS games - Call of duty was released , created by Infinity Ward studio formed by the former Medal of honor developers , Call of Duty received critical acclaim from many video game publications and won several "Game of the Year" awards.After that in 2004 , Ubisoft released Far cry with non-linear level design ,players will not have to follow the route directed by the game to complete their objectives, imagination got rewarded in this game which won it pretty much praises   

    There are almost one to two games per year added to the COD and Battlefield series since 2003,and FPS genre was growing both in quantity and quality.Sony developed two high quality titles - Killzone and Resistance:Fall of man and exlusively launched for PS3,Valve's Portal , in an elegant and unique way created the amazing 3D puzzle shooting experience , Bioshock developed by 2K defined what was art of survival horror with its fabulous Art-Deco graphics and emotion arousing sound, along with the release of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, which brought the battlefields to modern ones and introduced a whole new batch of modern firearms , lifted up the popularity of this series to a higher level

    Valve never stopped being a revolutionary in FPS development and released Left 4 Dead in 2008 when Zombie theme still not occupied the game industry , producer of Metal Gear Solid series Hideo Kojima admired the game development environment in US and joked "Don't want to be a Japanese any more" after playing such a game. In the next year , Borderlands was release by 2K , it has vivid cartoon rendered art style and Diablo-like game mechanics ,not mention how cool it could be to play around a MMO's open world in the way of first person shooting.
    As the approach of the end of the world prophesied by Mayans , apocalypse games became much more popular ,there're Metro 2033, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series,Fallout 3,Zombie U , Zombie Mode in Call of Duty:World at War where players fight for their lives in a blood and gore way that not commonly seen from other FPS games,that created really intense and thrilling game experience 

    After human being successfully went beyond the doomsday , we gladly appreciated sequels to big titles such as Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 4,Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare, also brand new titles like Bungies's Destiny which carries on the well designed elements from Halo series and  Titanfall,the "awards sweeper" that has made us see the potencial and future of Next Generation FPS games.As technology and game design technic develop , we could expect not only updated graphics but more innovative way about how we play in a FPS game and interact with the game world , so it may be a augmented reality street online game or advanced body sense game using devices like oculus rift , what's next ? let's look forward to it

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