Shopping for a team

The difficulty of teaming up over the internet.

I have had tons of issues with this subject. Finding a team through internet means. Not that it's hard to find perfect enthusiasm, but finding commited minds to get a project started or finished.

I have used places such as the AREA from Autodesk, forums from all over the place and just asking around chat rooms. As cool as it is to have the initial responses and passing of information: I can never find anyone who has the time to commence through either chat, phone, or even e-mail to talk about the project.

This makes it quite frustrating to get a team together to work. Games are my passion, as odd as that sounds to say, they are. Since 2003 when I was just a guy, sitting around a t.v. with his friends talking about how to make the greatest games we were playing better (sorry Morrowind and GTA, you're on my list of improvements).

I have been doing all sorts of research solo, until about May 2005 when I decided to get off my butt and go to college for game design. I have been working on my game ideas on and off for 6 years now. I know life hits everyone and mine has hit quite hard at times.

I'm newly married and have a kid on the way. Which makes me want to get this project rolling a bit faster than usual. I haven't given up on my game, which says a lot for how passionate I am to share it with the world.

I just wish that I could find that right set of people to bring it to life. Not only for myself, but for everyone who ever wanted to carve their name into history. Even just a small name in the Game World.

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