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Riot Games launches new API in open beta

Riot Games' new tools are a show of support for app developers in the League of Legends community.

Alex Wawro

December 10, 2013

1 Min Read

Today Riot Games launched an open beta for its new API, which allows developers to pull data on League of Legends players and leagues, directly from Riot's servers. Plenty of unofficial companion apps for League of Legends already exist, but it's nice to see Riot making an effort to provide official support for developers in the community. Riot is basically giving out demo keys for free -- you can get one by logging into their developer portal with your League of Legends account info. Riot claims these demo keys will allow for a limited number of API calls, enough to prototype a product -- five calls a second, or 50 calls a minute. Developers who want a full production-level key must submit their app to Riot for review and possible registration. Riot is limiting the number of production-level keys during the beta period, and will be listening to developer feedback on the API during the beta period. The API currently serves up data from servers in North America and Europe -- specifically EU West, East and Nordic. Riot predicts support for data from other regions is expected to be available at a later date.

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