Outside the box gaming ideas

What if the newest Concept in Gaming came from outside the gaming world? Who would develop it, who would believe it could happen?

As a writer I am always surprised and jealous when I come across an author who makes it big at the age of twenty two and who has never written a damn thing in their life before.  Its just the way the world works sometimes and although it sucks, we all want to be that person.  Those with the most drive and connections, get the most done while the rest of us work our fingers to the bone, trying to make our car payments.  But how would it affect you, an avid programmer and creative genius if it happened within the gaming world?  What if the best and most addictive game to ever circumnavigate the planet came from someone outside the gaming world, with no programming or development experience?  How would that make you feel?  Would you want to be a part of it, or would you shun them as an outsider who got lucky? Could you drop your coding achievement wall of honor attitude, and humble yourself enough to listen? 

Your options would be plentiful of course, in that you could be willfully ignorant, abusive, accepting in a rah-rah sort of way, supportive with ideas or full 'on the band wagon' lets build this together and either change history, or get famous trying.

  Ideas are freely passed around from person to person, but good ones are often kept in check arent they?  Eventually someone passes it to someone they shouldnt have, and the idea makes into the hands of someone with resources, or balls. 

      "Don't tell anyone, but I have a great idea!"  

This is how most of these conversations would begin.  Those curious enough to listen may love the idea but know in their hearts that the influence of the person with the idea is so limited its chances are unlikely at best.  Big ideas only come from Big companies, right?  Hmmm, maybe not.  Often those in 'the know' are those who have forgotten how to look outside the box at new horizons.  IPhone apps are great, but do we really need another pinball, Tetris clone or battleship game?  Do we?  Go ahead and make them to entertain my kids, but speak up when you're ready to be a part of something new, to forge new ground that leads to changes in smart phone technology, not to work within the current constraints.  Smartphones are what they are because the boundries are being pushed and hard, but no one has yet popped them entirely freaking out Apple, T-Mobile.  Why shouldnt we?  If the concept is so good the market will drive it, then of course manufacturers will clambor to catch up.  They think they are in the drivers seat, and right now...they are. 

So where are the accepting, supportive and on the band wagon types for those who have the ideas but not the where-with-all to bring it to fruition?  How should the two worlds connect?  How can an idea from a cotton ball salesman, get into your hands when you are frantically working all hours of the night on a clone, or "New" freeware app?  Is everyone so caught up in their own idea being seen or being the biggest name in smartphone apps that they forget to listen to outside influences to really create?  Are the biggest ideas, that are bound to happen one way or the other, just being left to the corporate execs at big developers when they come across the idea by chance?  What if the cottonball salesmans idea was revolutionary, mouthwateringly exciting and addictive but because of whispered conversations from one to the next, the exec at Sony hears it from his secretary and keeps it to himself? 

Bringing people together to hear a new concept, to brainstorm its possibilities is a function of competitive altruism that can help with networking, leadership and ultimately end in wealth.   You are the front line of game-exploration.  Don't buzz around the house when you could be rocketing around the universe.  Brainstorming is the most fun any of us can have outside of illegal substances and with our clothes on.  Getting a fun idea, and working the possibilities is incredibly exciting. 

I have not one iota of knowledge of how to bring together a team who can flesh out the next of the biggest ideas in smartphones, but I do know what that change will be and how to capitalize on it.  I know how to use the media once its done, how to work with licensing companies to create a dragons wealth you can sit on and guard or spend on loose women and fast cars, but I dont know how to program code. All together its not rocket science...its much harder.  Contact me to discuss some exciting new ideas that need bigger brains working on it.  You could be a part of history because the road map is in my hands.  I know where its going, it will happen with or without either of us.  I have outlined a concept that you are free to tear apart, and put back together with me, with a team that we put together.  I will answer questions, but will interview you as well.  I want someone equally genious on the code and team leading/building side.  This will be a good reason to be locked in your basement.   


David C  





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