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Outpost's SOS shifts focus away from survival, includes battle royale mode

Outpost Games SOS shifts development focus and adds a battle royale mode.

Emma Kidwell, Contributor

May 7, 2018

1 Min Read

The survival game SOS scrapped its survival mechanics this week and adopted a battle royale mode, switching over to the title SOS: Battle Royale and adding to the trend of developers including the free-for-all mode alongside the original game. 

In a blog post detailing the change, developer Outpost Games writes about the update, which has removed the survival elements from the island and added looting for things like weapons instead.

The original SOS challenged 16 players with escaping the island within 30 minutes, with gameplay being streamed back in November of last year. 

"Each match will be a rapid, high-intensity 10 minute battle, have 32 players, and only 1 survivor," writes Outpost Games. "To begin your new journey on La Cuna Island, you’ll drop on to the Island where you are 1 of 32 players who must fight to the death." 

However, Outpost Games notes that SOS' original mode will be available through Steam through the latest update, but as a standalone client branded SOS: Classic.

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