New Twine game simulates life as a AAA game writer

Developer Matthew S. Burns has written a Twine game about writing for big-budget games that sheds light on what it might feel like to be in the narrative hotseat during a AAA game design meeting.
"You would very much like to know how anyone -- how Melville, Shakespeare, or even Marc Laidlaw -- could write 'convincing' combat dialogue for a game in which you punch the heads off enemies frozen in place by your ice grenades."

- An excerpt from developer Matthew S. Burns' The Writer Will Do Something, a game about game development.

Developer, composer and Shadegrown Games founder Matthew S. Burns has written a Twine game about writing for big-budget games: The Writer Will Do Something.

This is notable because more often than not, the practice of writing for games is dissected in practical guides, blogs and talks aimed at helping writers find their place in the industry or improve their skills. It's still rare for anyone to shine a light on what it feels like to write on a AAA game, as Burns does with aplomb in The Writer Will Do Something

It's very similar to the sort of games developer Liz England classified as "Empathy Machines" in a recent blog post about Twine, which you should read after playing Burns' game for more information on what Twine is and how other developers are using it to tell their own stories. 

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