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Game dev Jarred "Farbs" Woods has debuted DungeonScript, a new spin on open-source HTML 5 puzzle game engine PuzzleScript that's designed to let devs easily create first-person dungeon crawl games.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

July 18, 2017

1 Min Read

Over the weekend game developer Jarred "Farbs" Woods (Card Hunter, Captain Forever) debuted DungeonScript, a new spin on the open-source HTML 5 puzzle game engine PuzzleScript that incorporates a first-person perspective and simple 3D rendering.

This is squarely aimed at game devs who want an approachable toolset they can use to make first-person dungeon crawler games in the vein of FTL Games' venerable Dungeon Master or the more recent Legend of Grimrock games from Almost Human.

"The other day Blue Manchu’s Jon mentioned he wouldn’t know where to start designing a Dungeon Master style game," writes Woods in a blog post detailing the origin story of DungeonScript."

Immediately I thought of increpare’s [aka game dev Stephen Lavelle] very wonderful PuzzleScript, which is great for turn and grid based puzzle game development, but, like, in first person. That’d be really cool, I thought. If only PuzzleScript would draw in first person. So that’s what DungeonScript is. It’s PuzzleScript in first person."

Like PuzzleScript, DungeonScript's source code is freely available, and the entire engine is accessible via a browser (though curious devs may wish to look over the instructions first).  

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