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Naughty Dog has shared an early peek at the accessibility features built into The Last of Us Part II, toting more than 60 different settings so players can "create a gameplay experience that’s right for them."

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

June 9, 2020

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The Last of Us Part II is due out later this month, and ahead of that release Naughty Dog is offering an early look at the vastly different ways players can tweak its settings so the game meets their own specific needs.

In this case, Naughty Dog says it built on what it did in the past for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and expanded those offerings with specific areas in mind.

While players still have the ability to toggle and tweak settings as needed (and can even fully customize button assignments this time around), Naughty Dog has set up presets to quickly adapt the game for players with low or no vision, impaired hearing, or motor disabilities. 

Those presets in particular are a welcome addition that takes some of the usual labor out of combing through multiple menus in order to correctly set up options that may be vital for play. There’s an in-depth rundown on what each of the vision, hearing, and motor presets changes, and players are able to customize their options further even after picking a preset. 

“One challenge in creating a large number of configurable options is making you aware of which options might be relevant for your needs,” explains Naughty Dog. “In addition, many features were created to work well in concert with one another. “

All in all, the team says The Last of Us Part II includes more than 60 accessibility settings, including new features Naughty Dog says it built to benefit low-vision and blind players specifically. The full run down can be found here

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