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Multiplayer: The Future of Mobile Games

Even with the money to advertise ones game… the question is how to keep ones game fun and exciting on a day-to-day basis …the answer is one simple concept… Multiplayer.

Editor’s note: Kyle Blank is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Nextpeer. Nextpeer is leading the natural evolution of the mobile gaming industry from outdated single player games to multiplayer success stories.


Standing online at the supermarket, sitting in the bathroom, waiting for class to start, and being stuck in traffic are some of the most popular times that people open their phones and start playing games. This list barely scratches the surface of situations when within seconds people pull out their phones and break into a quick game of car racing, sudoku, or many other modern addicting games.

In the mobile application economy the understanding is that human beings simply do not get off their phones and spend over a quarter of that time playing mobile games. Mobile gaming ranks highest in time spent compared to other phone functions, and the percentage is rising. [Source]

Therefore game developers enjoy the blissful utopian idea that they will create the next best seller in their basement and sell it for big money. It does happen once in a while; an app developer starts something unique and within a few years there are more zeros in their bank account than they had to type to code their app. Game developers know that with one incredibly successful game they will be launched into this new market and an exponentially growing economy—or at least that’s what they hope.

With all this in mind, a fair assumption is that people are trying to build the best games and apps they can. If a life of ice cold drinks and sun filled days is at the end of a successful app idea—then what is everyone waiting for?

The first and last point to that question is resources. Developers have fantastic ideas and know that to properly implement them: they need time, money, proper coding skills, the right engine, and the foresight to understand the limitations of their idea. The proper foresight is understanding that there are no limitations to one’s idea; there are sunglasses named after movie stars, ice cream flavors named after television shows, and entire toy industries named after one mobile game. The question is what are the major factors that differentiate a great idea from being #1, worth a billion, and #492 in the AppAnnie index worth less than your rent for next month?

Time and time again the factor has been the marketing capabilities of the game. Without large sums of money to post ones game all over the mobile app market a game could be left unheard of for months (or worse, forever). Even with the money to advertise ones game, how often do any of us click yes to a new download? Most people almost enjoy clicking the “x” at the top right of that interstitial. With the incredible luck that a game does pick up speed, the question is how to keep ones game fun and exciting on a day-to-day basis that your DAU and MAU continue skyrocketing together. The answer is one simple concept that has been around since the beginning of time.


Exciting sports games, intense board games, and the best interactive mobile and web games are MULTIPLAYER. It seems too simple to be true that a simple change in the design of a game could change it to a #1 game.

At Nextpeer we do not promise that every idea is a golden, #1, Grade A game. We do guarantee that multiplayer is not only the future of the gaming world but was at the birth of the first games in caveman times and will reign through the year 3000 when we can play multiplayer games with holograms.

If you have been coding since you were given a calculator, dreaming of watching your game shoot up to the Top 10, and vicariously living through the major success stories in our ever growing economy then you have one choice.

Make the right decision; add success to your checklist.

Nextpeer takes your game to that place.

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