Monday Morning Game Design II

Part II of the weekly monday morning game design.

Hello there,


This is the second post of my weekly game design series.

I was thinking about a game and MMORPG that focuses on the setting rather than on difficult gamplay.

The setting is steampunk on floating Islands in the sky. Your subject is to survive and to build up your base on one of these islands.

The perspective is 3rd person and the island you are on is open world and quite big. You will start as the mayor of a small village on the island, but also you can choose between several classes that will define your main job throughout the game.

For example hunter, sorcerer or fighter.

As you are expanding your village you will notice that from the edge of your island you can see many other islands. Each one of them belongs to one player. 

To get in contact with your neighbours island you will have to invest some resources into scouting. Depending on your level of scouts and your specification of scouts you will be able to cover to a bigger area as you progress. You can make the scouts send a hawk to the neighbour island to get in contact. There is no other ingame chat.

Depending on this contact you can either start an alliance with the player and his village or declare war.

In both cases you will need to invest some resources into building a bridge between the islands. 

This bridge will then allow you to navigate your tropps or share resources with your neighbour.

If you successfully capture the enemy and his village. The defeat player has the option to travel to another island where he(depending on his level) starts a new village. He also has the option to work for the player who defeat him or in case of an alliance he also gets the option to be working for the leader of the alliance.

So as the game in general progresses there will be several bigger alliances that will be lead by one person. This person also gets to decide the rank of his subordinates.


At some point two bigger fractions will engage each other and will fight to expand even more.


If one dies in the game, he will be respawned the next day (real time).

Though he can invest in necromancy which will decrease the respawn time (if he invested in magic buildings at some point).


I like the idea of this game as it is a kind of sandbox game and it would be really exciting to see where the players will take this idea. What do you guys think of it?

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