Microsoft has unveiled the new look of the Xbox Series X dashboard

Microsoft is targeting speed and accessibility with the new Xbox Series X dashboard, helping users get into games faster.

Microsoft is targeting speed and accessibility with the new Xbox Series X dashboard, helping users get into games faster.

Offering some design insights on the Xbox Wire blog, Chris Novak, head of Xbox research and design, explained the reworked home screen will load over 50 percent faster when users boot up their Xbox, and will load almost 30 percent faster when they drop out of a game.

The home screen will also use 40 percent less memory than was previously required. The Microsoft Store app will also launch in roughly two seconds, and feature improved navigation features to help shoppers more easily find what they're looking for. 

"Xbox Series X will set a new bar for speed when it launches this November, and we’re taking the same approach to accelerate experiences across Xbox," explained Novak. 

"The Xbox Velocity Architecture and Quick Resume technology make games quicker to launch, and we knew we also wanted to make them faster to discover, talk about, and download -- even while you’re away from your console."

The new look of the dashboard will eventually be implemented across the entire Xbox ecosystem, including the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass on PC, and Xbox mobile apps -- unifying the user experience on a wide variety of devices.

A new Xbox mobile app is also in the works that will let users share and connect with their existing network of friends more easily, and upload gameplay clips to different social networks. 

"Using the new mobile app, Xbox friends can quickly send messages or launch parties to keep conversations going even when they’re on the go," added Novak.  "We’ve also consolidated notifications, which will reflect activity across mobile, PC, and console. We combined related activities like Parties and Chats into a single tab in the Xbox console Guide, so it’s easier to know what’s going on with your friends and communities."

You can find out more about the revamped home screen on the Xbox Wire blog.

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