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Meet your host of the 2021 IGF Awards: Victoria Tran!

Innersloth Games’ Victoria Tran will be your host for the 2021 IGF Awards.

June 23, 2021

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The organizers of the 2021 IGF Awards are pleased to announce the host for this year’s annual show!

This year Innersloth Games Community Director Victoria Tran will be hosting the 2021 Independent Games Festival Award Ceremony.

This year's nominees include Paradise Killer, Teardown, Genesis Noir, and a host of other excellent independently made games.

We’re exceptionally pleased to have Tran joining us for this year’s show.

For a few words from her (and several of our nominees), check out the trailer for the 2021 IGF Awards ceremony, seen below!


The 2021 IGF Awards will be broadcast on July 21st at 4:30PM PST. Attendees of the GDC 2021 Game Developers Conference which will be able to watch the awards for free, along with the 2021 Game Developers Choice Awards.

The 2021 IGF Awards will also be broadcast on the GDC Twitch Channel.

Register for GDC 2021 today and get ready to celebrate this year’s fantastic indie games!

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